Application Development
Webictus has full range of custom interactive web application and development services. It lays emphasis on building web applications for customers that help in the development of cost-effective solutions for the most advanced Internet projects.

Webictus's expertise in web-based, database applications enhances business processes through the use of latest technologies.

Webictus has developed Client/Server applications, Database applications, and Industry specific applications for numerous companies.

Webictus specializes in building custom web applications. Virtually any 'dynamic content' on the web can be considered a web application. Examples include ecommerce shopping cart development, online banking, job boards, search engines, document management systems, discussion boards and online email systems.

Web Application Development Tools we use:-

MS .NET Framework, SDK ,C/C++, Visual Basic, Java/JavaScript, MySQL, HTML3.2/4.0 DHTML, PHP, XML, CGI, Flash, ASP