Domain Registration/Names
The Web address you type into your browser to pull up a specific Website is called its domain name, which is distributed through an Internet address registrar. Because thousands of Websites are being published to the Internet on a weekly basis, it is important to register your domain name before you start to design your site, as the name you select will determine its look and feel. Simply decide on a choice of domain and it can be registered (if available). Domain name registration does not have to be part of one of our design packages. It can be carried out as a separate service.

Choosing the right domain name for your business is of paramount importance. Potential clients are unlikely to be willing to trust a company who will not even purchase their own domain, especially when it comes to credit card details. Therefore, take care to choose a domain name that reflects your company, but also encourages trust and professionalism.

The other main idea to consider with domain names is making it easy for surfers to find. An obscure name is pretty useless. You should aim for a name that is quite short and quite memorable. Also take care to consider your target audience. If you are based in the UK for example, clients are likely to be more inclined to deal with a company that has a extension, as opposed to a .com for example. There is no real reason for this, it is simply psychological, but is worth exploiting and considering nonetheless.

We offer domain consultation and registration. If you choose to take up our design solutions, we can offer qualified advice on how best to choose a domain that will benefit your business to the greatest extent.